What Our Patients Say

I began seeing Dr. Nathaniel Oram at Revelation Spinal Care after having been treated by a traditional chiropractor regularly for the past 15 years. Although my traditional chiropractor was good, I had to return every 8 weeks for an adjustment where he would '“pop” my neck and back to keep me in alignment.

Dr. Oram, Revelation Spinal Care, and the NUCCA chiropractic method are very unique. Dr. Oram clearly explained the NUCCA Chiropractic method during a free group consultation, where absolutely no pressure was placed on attendees to proceed any further with his services. Dr. Oram answered all questions clearly, using understandable examples, everyday language, and scenarios. After a friend when to Dr. Oram and I saw for myself the noticeable difference it made in him, I decided to book my appointment.

The first appointment is when Dr. Oram takes x-rays and measurements to determine the apporpriate treatment plan. He asked questions and listened to my health concerns. After determining the proper treatment for me, he then put his knowledge to work. It was very strange to have a chiropractic adjustment that encompassed nothing more than a simple, gentle, touch behind my ear, no “popping” or jerking of my neck and back. Somehow, through that gentle adjustment, everything lined up and I began to feel better. My long history of low back pain has quickly become a distant memory thanks to Dr. Oram and the NUCCA protocol at Revelation Spinal Care.

As far as Dr. Oram himself, he is very caring, personable, knowledgeable, and professional. His staff is extremely pleasant and the office communication is exceptional. The payment process is quick and easy.

If you are tired of repeated chiropractic visits and traditional chiropractic methods, I would highly recommend giving Dr. Oram and Revelation Spinal Care a try. Once he uses the NUCCA protocol on you, and you don’t have to return every 8 weeks for traditional chiropractic adjustments, you will become a believer like I have become in Dr. Oram and Revelation Spinal Care.

— S.K. (Google)

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I’ve been treated by Dr. Oram for 10 months. I’ve tried conventional chiropractic methods for about 5 years now with no real improvements. A friend said I should try NUCCA. I found Dr. Oram in my area. After 6 weeks and 5 visits my spinal alignment is holding and I feel better than I’ve felt in 5 years since my injury. My physical well being is better as well as my emotional well being. It was a welcomed side effect as I often find myself in a dark or negative place due to constant pain. The work that Dr. Oram has done seems to be working for me and I’m grateful for it. It has been life changing in the best possible way!


Revelation Spinal Care is fantastic! Dr. Oram is very knowledgeable, thorough, professional, kind, and gentle. Since beginning treatment, I have experienced significant pain relief, reduced tension, fewer headaches, improved mental clarity, and better sleep quality. Dr. Oram is a blessing!


Updating: I have gone to Dr. Oram for treatments too and it was a success story. I came with postpartum back and hip issues and after several adjustments my backache went away and I don’t have pain in my hip anymore. Original review: From start to finish our family experience has been amazing! Dr. Oram truly cares for his patients and listens to what you have to say. I especially was worried for my 12 month old and how she would be during the treatment and she did amazing. Overall, our experience has been very positive and we have been recommending Revelation Spinal Care to every we know.


Dr. Oram has taken care of me pre-pregnancy, during my pregnancy, as well as postpartum. Due to an "irritable uterus" in my second and third trimester, I had A LOT of uncomfortable Braxton hicks contractions. After a gentle adjustment to my neck they would slow way down, I felt less tense, less stressed, and immediately my baby would start kicking again. She could physically move more freely and it was such an overwhelmingly great relief. When I went into labor, we found out baby girl was face up instead of face down in utero. To be able to deliver naturally, my midwife had to physically turn my baby's body using her head. I knew I would need to bring her in to see Dr. Oram.

For the first 5 weeks of her life, she NEVER latched onto the right breast while nursing. Dr. Oram said she had a misalignment in her neck due to the traumatic birth. After one NUCCA adjustment she now latches onto BOTH breasts with no problems! I am so thankful and grateful to have a provider that takes his time and truly cares for his patients health and well being. Dr. Oram is not only confident in his abilities, knowledgable and transparent, but I can trust him with the health of my whole family... and that is saying a lot when it comes to choosing a doctor these days. Highly recommend!


Nate is very gifted in his profession with a caring personality and a greatly articulated manner. I feel much better. You must give Nate a chance to help you. you will not be disappointed.


Dr. Oram is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I have struggled with migraine headaches since I was 11 yrs old. I have only had 1 headache since he adjusted me. I was in a cluster of getting them weekly. I also had chronic hip pain. It is no longer an issue. Dr. Oram is kind, gentle and is a great educator. I learned a lot about my body and now I can tell when things are off. He has a very different approach than anyone I have been to. I highly recommend him.


Dr. Oram has made a breakthrough with me. I have a severe scoliosis and have many pains; from back, hips and legs. My adjustment has finally been stabilized and I feel the best I have felt in 30 years. Dr. Oram is the best that I have been to and believe me, I been to many over the years including orthopedic surgeons that wanted to reconstruct my spine. I highly recommend Revelation Spinal care.


Always respectful and explains everything. Answers all questions. I really appreciate the professionalism.


I went in for specific issues and not only did Dr. Oram correct my initial complaints but he fixed problems I had not idea were related to the alignment of my neck. I've been going to Revelation Spinal care since December of 2021. Their advice on breaking bad posture/sleeping/other habits has set me up for success in my long-term health. Revelation Spinal Care has changed my life and I am so grateful to Dr. Oram!


I’ve been to several chiropractors over the years, but have never experienced anything like this. I was introduced to this NUCCA method of realigning my spine, and will never go back to traditional chiropractic. Dr. Oram is gentle, and this painless method is very effective even after the first treatment…..and it’s affordable. All I know, is that I stand straight, and I am now conscious of my good posture. I highly recommend Dr. Oram. Go for the free consultation. You won’t be sorry. It changed my life for the better.


Becoming a patient of Dr. Oram's has really improved the quality of my life! It had been years since I slept through an entire night, but after my 1st visit I could attain quality, non-restless sleep!

No more tossing and turning, and having truly rested, I have more energy for each day! Also I was having sharp pain in my shoulder area when doing a simple lifting motion; had given up hooking my brassiere. Dr. Oram worked twice on my rotator cuff tendons & with specific strengthening exercises at home my body was able to repair as God designed.

I appreciate Dr. Oram taking time to explain the problems he is seeing, and how he is going to approach the gentle adjustment, NEVER rushing to answer your questions. Dr. Oram also educates you on how by a few simple changes at home you can care for your body as it is healing. It’s amazing, after being to several conventional chiropractors, the lasting results I am experiencing since becoming a patient at Revelation Spinal Care. I was thankful to have Jessi, the office manager, not only offer a welcoming smile, but she genuinely makes you feel cared for while attending to office details. If you truly want to obtain a better quality of life, I highly recommend the commitment of the team of Dr. Oram and Jessi at Revelation!!!

— S.B. (Google)

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Amazing practice with amazing results! Dr. Oram is beyond thorough in providing customized care with noticeable improvement in my health. I have had vertigo issues for a decade that all but disappeared after my alignment! I have experienced far less headaches & have slept better than I have in years! Forget everything you think you know about chiropractic care. The NUCCA techniques will truly change your life & improve your total body function. Our entire family is benefiting from Dr. Oram’s care and we couldn’t be happier with our stronger, aligned bodies!


When Doctor Oram took me on as a patient I was at a place that I was no longer getting any relief from traditional chiropractic. Many of my joints were being affected and I knew it was just not age. I also had not slept well for years.

Since seeing Doctor Oram I feel that I have the energy to do what I want to do. The biggest thing to change was my sleep pattern. I even dream! I am grateful that Doctor Oram and his approach to take steps in letting your body work the way it was designed.


This is a big thanks to Dr Oram. I went in with so much pain, not being able to stand for a long period of time do to my spine. After a few visits the pain has went from a 10 to 5. I will continue to see Dr Oram for as long as it takes. I cannot express how amazing this man is. Thanks again you have given me my life back.


I have been seeing Dr. Oram for 5-6 weeks now. Dr. Oram has a genuine approach to find out if he can really help you. He is completely honest and provide loads of information on what is going with you and provides a plan to get you better. I am confident that all my decade long back issues will resolved as a majority of pain that I had in certain areas is completely absent. I am excited to be on the path of finally being pain free and I can feel it in Dr. Oram’s enthusiasm.


Dr. Oram worked a miracle on my back. I had a curvature in 2 places and the misalignment was causing bad lower back pain. I went in for a consultation at a recommendation...not totally sure but kind of willing to just try anything. Immediately he could tell what was wrong just by looking at me, so I booked my first appointment. He took X-rays at the first appointment to get a better picture of what was going on and was able to get to the root cause. The misalignment started in my cervical area. As a result my skull was also affected, leaning to the right 😳.

After that appointment, I left the same day with a totally aligned back. 3 weeks later (today) I had my second check up and I’m still perfectly aligned with zero back pain. If you’re on the fence go for a consultation. I can guarantee you he’ll be able to answer a lot of your initial questions and extend your knowledge. Plus it’s free! Also, he and his wife are wonderful. Very easy to talk to or ask any questions. They make you feel very comfortable and are very professional.


I am in disbelief and amazement at the same time. This is totally a different experience going to a chiropractor and getting a adjustment and several years later you still go back and the same problem. Dr. Nate Oram is one honest, well educated humble chiropractor. Gives you good explanation and creates a very warm environment. He wants you to walk out repaired free of pain not bandaged up. He gets a very high recommendation from me. Welcome to Troutman NC glad we gained a asset to this little town.


Dr. Oram is one of the best healthcare providers I've been to. He has taken more time with me than any doctor I can think of because he cares about finding the root cause and not stopping until the job is done. You can tell how genuine and knowledgeable he is from the moment you step in the door. Do yourself a favor and let Dr. Oram help get you well!


They don't come any better. Polite, professional, honest, calm, caring and humble. An expert in his field. DR. Oram restored my spine and overall health to a condition I had forgotten even existed. There are no words for the relief I felt after listening, acting on and following through with his care and recommendations. He saved me.


Dr. Oram is amazing at what he does!! Truly the best of the best. I fly from out of state for his care. If you have pain that hasn’t been helped anywhere else or go somewhere that’s keeps you coming back over and over, try Dr. Oram and his unique method.


Dr. Nate is a true servant of humanity and I do not say that lightly. He delivers not only exceptional care to those who seek answers to their health challenges but he is just an genuine and compassionate human being. His approach to you and your needs through specific Structural Chiropractic care is based on precision and fundamental mechanical and neurological principles. If you are looking for quality, compassion and results, then look no further than Revelation Spinal Care!


Dr. Oram is professional, knowledgeable and committed to the health and well-being of his patients. His gentle adjustments hold longer than any other practitioners I have seen.

Over the course of sixteen years, I have been to over a dozen chiropractors. Almost all would apply what I call “copy and paste” adjustments that didn’t feel tailored to my particular needs. I appreciate that appointments are not rushed or double booked and that I can discuss any and all questions I may have. Dr. Oram doesn’t just adjust his patients and send along their way. He takes the time to explain the science and specificity of upper cervical chiropractic care.

When you walk into the office, you’re greeted by Jessi who is always kind and very polite. It truly makes a difference when you are welcomed by a smiling face! Regarding the treatment itself, there is no cracking or popping, the adjustments are very gentle and effective, and I feel immediate relief. My first visit/consultation occurred in October 2021. With the help of these adjustments, plus Dr.Oram’s “homework” consisting of learning to correct bad habits and perform stretches, I have improved mobility and am pain free.

The care I have received at Revelation has been truly life changing and I am beyond thankful for it.

— J.B. (Google)

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If you are looking for a provider that actually CARES and will LISTEN to you then Dr. Nate Oram is the chiropractor you have been looking for. A true blessing to the community.


One the best Docs available! Professional office environment, and all around excellent experience.


Dr. Oram is a caring, passionate clinician who provides individualized, gentle upper cervical care, that helps remove the underlying cause of many chronic conditions. He is one of the most personable and friendly people I have met, with a big heart for everyone he meets.


Dr. Oram is the best! Went for my daughter today. He is amazing and one of a kind. Finally a doctor who cares about your health and your family. And get so excited when you are ready to heal!! Can’t say enough about how impressed and happy I am!


Dr. Oram is one of the best, he has helped me so much with chiropractic care and has educated me so much on how the body truly works.


Dr. Nate is THE go to guy for chiropractic, he has opened my mind to how powerful my body really is, helped me transcend into a better version of myself. I’ve been to medical doctors and other Chiropractors and that running around stops here. I’m excited to get my whole family started under Dr. Nate’s care. this doc truly offers nothing short of exceptional care. Thanks again!


Dr. Oram is a one-of-a-kind doctor that truly cares about his patients for the good of their lifestyle and works with you to help you reach your optimal health. He treated my daughter (11) and myself (37) and his care is above the rest! I highly recommend you taking a chance to go in and meet with him and let him help you live your best life!!


Dr. Oram is very diligent in his work. I highly recommend him.


Dr. Oram is extremely talented and hard working. He always works diligently to get to the root cause, doing the best he can to help anyone who walks through his doorway. Revelation Spinal Care is truly a blessing to anyone who gives them the opportunity!


Dr. Oram is one of a kind! He was a true blessing and life savor for me and my family. He is all about helping you feel 100% better. We were sad to see him leave WI. Take advantage of him now that he is near you!! He is amazing!!!


Dr. Oram is awesome! Over 20 years ago I had a terrible car accident, and fractured my spine and warped my skeleton literally. The atlas bone is twisted at best and quite possibly broken in to two distinct pieces and the T8 vertebrae is smashed flat as a pancake.

The doctors decided not to operate, so I have been living in pain for decades. It finally got to the point, where my family was considering installing handicap bars in our house to help me as my health further deteriorated.

I met Dr. Oram at the gym, quite by accident, but what a divine appointment that was. My case was very complex, and even though it took longer than normal, he stuck with me. He comforted me during set backs and encouraged me to continue. It finally aligned and held today. I cried. I have lived with unnecessary pain for so long. Well not any more! Thank you Dr. Oram for investing in me! I am pain free and on way to enjoying the rest of my life and no longer having to sit on the sidelines. I am ALL IN!

— T.G. (Google)

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Dr. Nate is extremely educational with his patients in his office. He truly cares deeply about you and informing you about Chiropractic. He does everything in his power to help you to get better. Suffering is Optional! I highly recommend Dr. Nate. If you are suffering, talk to Dr. Nate to see if he can help.


Dr. Nate is a must see. He listens, he is kind hearted, and he focuses on you! He is not the average chiropractor.


I recommend you make an appointment A.S.A.P.


Have been seeing Dr. Oram prior to opening his new clinic for almost 2 years. Fantastic Chiropractor - gentle, kind, and very concerned for your well-being. Comes highly recommended from Wisconsin!!!


Dr. Nate Oram's energy is so positive. Just being around him jump starts your healing process!!


Dr Nathan has been caring for me for 2 years in Wisconsin. I will be following him to NC. His care is excellent!