Structural Correction with the NUCCA protocol is based on geometry, physics, biomechanics, and neuroanatomy. Multiple objective measurements provide precision data, so there is no guessing involved.

Epicondylitis treatment or forearm elbow treatment

Structural vs. Traditional


At Revelation Spinal Care, we exclusively utilize the NUCCA protocol.

Because this form of Structural Chiropractic is so very precise, there is no twisting, cracking, or popping of the spine required. We are focused on addressing the Primary Condition causing most patients’ secondary dysfunctions: a Structural Shift, a misalignment of the upper neck and skull.

This misalignment is unique to every person and requires precision care to accurately evaluate, with measurements down to a fraction of a degree.

Correcting the Structural Shift re-establishes proper neurological function of the brainstem, which restores normal structure of the body while promoting long-term health and healing.

The NUCCA protocol is founded on geometry, physics, neuroanatomy, and biomechanics. Multiple objective measurements provide precision data, so there is no guessing involved. We correct the Primary Condition on day one, – it’s our goal for the patient to not need an adjustment on follow up visits. This long-term correction allows the body to maximally thrive the way it was designed.


Traditional chiropractors use Functional Solutions of segmental adjusting of the individual bones of the spine, or what new patients coming from other doctors often refer to as “cracking, twisting, and popping” – in an effort to increase range of motion, decrease muscular spasm, and restore nerve flow to the area.

There are many traditional chiropractors in the area and most of them are excellent at what they do. Unfortunately, the Primary Condition causing many patients’ problems is too often overlooked and never adequately addressed, which leads to frequent repeat visits.

Structural Shift + Structural Chiropractic = Stability & Healing

Structural Problem + Functional Solutions = Temporary Relief

The Structural Analogy

An appropriate analogy to a Structural Shift is what occurs when the foundation of a house shifts. The house sinks on one side creating a numerous amount of other problems in the house, such as cracks in the walls, squeaky floors, doors that don’t close, and a leaky roof.

These things are SECONDARY conditions resulting from the PRIMARY condition of the abnormal foundation. You can spackle and repaint the cracked walls, glue and nail down the squeaky floors, trim off door edges, and patch the leaky roof. Unfortunately, these “fixes” are temporary at best, much like traditional chiropractic. The secondary conditions will continuously return unless the primary condition – the abnormal foundation, is corrected.

That’s what we do at Revelation Spinal Care, we correct foundations.

Why it matters

The Structural Shift puts pressure on the brain stem and compromises neurological communication from the brain to the rest of the body. We commonly see this interference manifest in the musculoskeletal system: the body’s calibration of balance, coordination of movement, and postural control. Since nearly every nerve signal that controls nearly every system of the body goes through the brain stem, the Structural Shift indirectly affects EVERY function of the body, some more than others.

Over time, this primary condition of Structural Shift begets a storm of secondary conditions such as, but not limited to:

Patients with secondary conditions like these and many others have found relief through Structural Correction at Revelation Spinal Care.

Do I have it?

“Posture” is an automated function of the body’s musculoskeletal system. This means you can influence your posture by actively thinking about it, but as soon as you stop, it returns back to that stressed, abnormal position.

The human body is designed to stand with the head and neck balanced directly over the ribcage, the shoulders should sit directly over the hips, which should be over the knees, which should be over the mid-foot. Shoulders and hips should be level right to left, there should be no twist in the pelvis, and the legs should be the same length.

A Structural Shift is identified if a person show any deviation from this normal structure, and they can find help at Revelation Spinal Care. Restoring and protecting your body’s normal structure is a key factor in maintaining optimal health and function – and that’s what we do best.