How it Works

Our process was designed with your health in mind. We correct the primary condition on day one and monitor the patient infrequently to ensure they are objectively stable, optimally healing, and feeling good.

Step 1

Complimentary Consultation

Our consultation is always complimentary; it’s a conversation, not a commitment. It is a necessary first step, designed to provide information to the prospective patient about what we do, how we can help, and the expectations associated with becoming a patient of Revelation Spinal Care.

The consultation is held after clinic hours in a small group format and friends and family are encouraged to attend. This is an opportunity to ask questions about your specific situation and also learn more about how we help others. We discuss our expectations from patients, as well as what you can expect from trusting us with your health.

  • There are no uncomfortable, pressured sales pitches.

  • We advocate for informed decision making; we want you to sleep on the information, discuss it with any significant others, and then make the best choice for you.

  • Prospective patients traveling over one hour to the clinic are eligible for a one-on-one phone consultation.
Step 2

The Long Day

Once a patient qualifies for care, we get right to evaluating the Primary Condition of Structural Shift – the misalignment of the upper neck and skull. A precision series of digital x-rays will be taken and then analyzed with a proprietary method to measure down to a fraction of a degree and create the exact angle at which to correct the structure back to normal.

Additional objective indicators such as multi-dimensional structural analysis (MDSA) and supine leg checks provide each new patient with the most accurate assessment of their Structural Shift.

Measuring someone before and after we perform a correction is a critical part of how we practice.

Our procedures don’t make the spine “pop”or “crack”, so objective measurements are the only way we know if we get the job done. Feeling a difference is nice, but measuring a difference proves a change has been made.

This advanced approach ensures every new patient at Revelation Spinal Care receives the most complete spinal correction possible.

After the first correction is made, the new patient will rest in the Resting Room. We are correcting a condition in one day that has been present for decades in some cases, therefore this period of time is crucial to allow their neurology to recalibrate and structure to re-stabilize.

Mom whit kids

Always Remember: YOUR Health Is OUR Priority.

Step 3

Future Checkups

On follow up visits, patients will be evaluated using supine leg checks and the MDSA to determine if they require a correction or not. If the patient ‘s posture measures abnormal, an adjustment will be made and the patient will rest in the Resting Room for a short time to re-stabilize before going on their way. If the patient’s posture is normal and measures straight and balanced, they will not need to be corrected – that is the goal. At this point Dr. Oram can provide a unique form of muscle release work if necessary, to assist in the stabilization process and support the structural correction.

Just as it takes time for the body to break down and develop secondary conditions, it will also take time for the ongoing healing and recovery process. We acknowledge that each patient has a unique history and lifestyle. Personalized plans are created for each patient as we help guide them on the path to optimal health. Complementary Recommendations such as a structural cervical pillow, nutritional supplements, or stabilizing exercises and stretches may be provided to further support the correction and maximize patient results.

Chiropractic + Complementary Recommendations = Optimum Results

Exercise + Diet = Optimum Success

Seeds + Fertilizer = Optimum Harvest

Ship + Lifeboats = Optimum Precaution

House + Alarm System = Optimum Security

Computer + Internet = Optimum Function

Car + Seatbelts = Optimum Safety